Enamelled Insulated Constantan Copper Nickel Resistance Alloy CuNi Wire

Widely used:
Motors Transformers Inductors Contactors Small appliance Instruments Electric coils etc.

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Brand Name : NUELEAD

Model Number : CuNi Wire

Copper nickel alloyseries:
Constantan CuNi40 (6J40), CuNi1, CuNi2, CuNi6, CuNi8, CuNi10, CuNi14, CuNi19, CuNi23,CuNi30, CuNi34, CuNi44.Size dimension range:
Wire: 0.02-7.5mm
Rod: 8-50mm
Ribbons: 0.05*0.2-2.0*6.0mm
Strip: 0.05*5.0-5.0*250mm
1.Solid enough, the wire is not easy to be broken
2.Insulation thickness can be customized
3.Wire can reach almost 0 pinhole
4.High consistency
5.The wire is even and tidy, which is convenient for users to wind
6. Low temperature soldering
7. Bonding method options: Hot air,Solvent and others



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