Tinned Copper Hook up Wire kit breadboard Wire for DIY

Where is hook up wire used?

Hook up wire are widely used for model planes,model cars,model ships,lamps,household appliances,electric heating appliances,meters,automotive repair wire,marine wire,instruments,electric toys, vehicle repair, small household appliances, robots, general mechanical equipment, etc.

If you use a stranded core, the wires are very flexible and the little wires inside are very thin. NUELEAD’s new design adds sponge inside the box to keep wires from cluttering. Use solid wire if you want it to stay bent. But you cannot use crimp connectors with solid cores.

Generally, the single-wire conductor determines the wire size according to the diameter, while the stranded wire determines the wire size according to the cross-sectional area. The larger the cross-sectional area, the greater the current that the cable can transmit, and the longer the transmission distance. Bigger wires (smaller gauge count) are always “better” because you’ll get less voltage

Drops and heat loss due to resistance, especially with longer wires. But larger wires cost more, are bulkier, and stiffer. So you need to determine what kind of wire to use according to different current and power.

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