FeCrAl Alloy 0Cr27Al7Mo2 Electric Resistance Wire for Heating Elements

1. An excellent resistance to oxidation under heating
2. A limitation of intergranular oxidation
3. High electrical resistance and long lifetime
4. Good performance of anti-carburizing, the atmosphere and surface of sulfur pollution

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Brand Name : NUELEAD

Model Number : 0Cr27Al7Mo2

FeCrAl alloy has the characteristic of high resistivity,low temperature resistance coefficient,high operating temperature,good anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion under high temperature.
It is widely used in industrial furnace, household appliances, industry furnace, metallurgy, machinery, aircraft, automotive,military and other industries producing heating elements and resistance elements.

1. Industrial and civil heating-furnace
2. Infrared equipment
3. Liquefied gas infrared heat-resisting net
4. Different kinds of igniting and radiating electrodes and voltage-regulating resistors for motors




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