Is stranded copper wire as good as solid?

Solid is not easy to bend and deform, and it is easy to fix. If your wiring range is relatively large and the line is very long, it is recommended that you choose stranded.

Solid Advantages: long service life, not easy to oxidize due to the small ratio of outer circle area / cross-sectional area, and resistant to short-circuit current impact.

Solid Disadvantages: The wire is hard, and it is difficult to straighten after bending. Repeated bending-straightening is easy to be injured, and it is labor-intensive when setting the small tube. It is mostly used in fixed and buried environments.

Stranded Advantages: Because the wire is relatively soft, it is mostly used in active electricity places and temporary electricity places, and it is easy to install, drag and drop and move.

Stranded Disadvantages: The service life is short. Due to the large ratio of outer circle area to cross-sectional area, the oxidation speed is fast. If it is impacted by short-circuit current, the surface will be seriously oxidized after high temperature, and the effective cross-section will be greatly reduced. The safe electricity should be replaced in time.

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