6255 30V Stainless Steel Probes in 0.7MM

1 × black test probe pin
1 × red test probe pin
1 × green test probe pin
1 × yellow test probe pin
1 × blue test probe pin

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Brand Name : NUELEAD
Model Number : 6255
Conductor Material : Copper
Jacket : PVC
Insulation Material : PVC
Weight : 5g
Color : Red Black
Rating : 30V /1A
Material : Stainless steel
Length : 6cm

The test probe with a standard 4mm banana plug test lead connection, it works with most test lead kits in the field.
Sharp and hard stainless steel needle can easily pierce the surface of cable but doesn’t destroy it.
As the test probes, they are used for piercing the insulation of wires to allow for automotive electrical measurements without
causing damage to the wires.




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