6211 Mini Grabber Test Probe Hook for SMD IC Test Clips

2mm Plug Female to Safety Test Hook Clip Probe Test L ead Connect Digital Multimeter Probe

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Brand Name : NUELEAD
Model Number : 6211
Metal material : Brass,Stainless steek
Type : Test Hook Clip
Rated Voltage/Rated Current : 60V/1A
Insulator material :ABS
Color : Red Black

  • Perfect material:This IC hook test clip adopts high quality materials durable and super conductive performance.
  • Firmly hooked: The front end of the grabber test probe hook is retractable with a spring, so objects can be firmly hooked.
  • Tips:Test probe kook can connect the clip to multimeter or DC power by a lead.
  • Functional purpose:Powerful spring pulling the mini hooks to grasp tiny components firmly and avoid any short-circuit.
  • Convenience: Help you to test IC or repair cell phone and other mini electronic products more conveniently.



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