3701-B Test Lead Set

4mm Banana Plug to Copper Alligator Clip Test Lead Insulation Wire Piercing Probes & 30V Back Probe Kit

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Brand Name : NUELEAD

Model Number : 3701-B

Conductor Material : copper
Jacket : PVC/PA
Insulation Material : PVC/PA [30 in 1 Kit] The Back Probe Lead Set includes 15pcs Back Probe Pins & 5pcs Banana Plug to alligator clip circuit test
wires(39.37inch/ 1m length) and 5 pcs Nickel plated copper Alligator clip to Banana Plug Adapter and 5 pcs Copper Core Banana
Jack Female to Female Banana Jack Adapter;
[Back Probe] 15 PCS Back Probe. 3 Types ( 90 degree, 135 degree, Straight) and 2 Diameters(0.027 and 0.040 inch) Stainless
Steel Probes. Testing Up To 30 Volts For Connectors, Fuel Injectors and Automotive Sen[Banana Plug to Alligator Clip Cables] Copper Alligator Clips. Standard 4mm Banana Plug. 5 Different Colors For Easy
[ Alligator clip to Banana Plug Adapter] Combine with Back Probe Pin, More Convenient and Easy to Connect Multimeter etc.





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