Nickel alloy wire superalloy Inconel 600 Inconel X750 wire price

Nichrome is an ideal material, it has good ductility,workability and weldability under high temperature and seismicstrength.
Nickel-chromium alloy with high and stable resistance, corrosion resistance, surface oxidation resistance, excellent coil-forming

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Brand Name : NUELEAD

Model Number :Inconel X750

Manufacturer wholesale price inconel x-750 wire for spring using
Inconel X750 UNS N07750 is an age-hardenable Alloy-chromium alloy. It has good corrosion and oxidation resistance and high
strength at temperature up to 700℃. It also has good properties down to cryogenic temperatures. Its corrosion resistance
performance is similar to Inconel 600.
• Ending machinability
• Low at 700 ℃ has high tensile strength, fatigue strength, creep strength and fracture strength
• Low at 1000 ℃ has the high oxidation
• Both ends have stable chemical properties at low temperature
• Ending with good welding performance

Physical property
Melting temperature range:1393-1427℃




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