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(FA-0284)9.5mm TV plug,right angle( TV connector/Line plug)
  • (FA-0284)9.5mm TV plug,right angle( TV connector/Line plug)

Product Description:
A. Type: PAL
B. Application: Audio & Video
C. Gender: Female
D. Color: White
E. Material: Metal and plastic
F. Metal: Iron or copper


1. Applications: Telecom/Antennas/Radios/Broadcast/Coaxial cable/CCTV
2. 9.5 mm male TV connector for low power, quick connect/disconnect applications
3. Using a bayonet type coupling mechanism and can be interchangeable with the same type connectors of abroad.
4. They are widely used connect of the RF coaxial cables in electronic equipments and instruments.


1.Temp-range: -40°C~+60°C
2. Impedance: 75Ω
3. Frequency range: 0~1GHz
4. Center conductor withdrawal force: ≥0.49N
5. Contact resistance: Center conductor≤6MΩ
6. Insulation resistance: ≥1000MΩ
7. Withstand Voltage: 750V At sea level
8. Working voltage: 170V max
9. VSWR: ≤1.20 (Straight), ≤1.30 (Angle)
10. Durability: 500 cycles


Our advantage:
1. High Quality, Can offer certificate like CSA/UL/CCC/ROHS/REACH and others certificate as you need.
2. Good Experience, Over 10 Years produce experience, Work with Technology copmpany.
3 .Good service, Accept OEM and ODM service, as produce as your design.
4 Good price, With best material purchase department and high dfficiency produce department.

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