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(FA-3109) HDMI cable 1.4v with Ethernet M-M 3D 1080p(cable)
  • (FA-3109) HDMI cable 1.4v with Ethernet M-M 3D 1080p(cable)




-Related temperature:80 ℃

-Rated voltage:30V


 Multimedia interface Specfication Version 1.3

-Stranded tined coper conductor,32-22AWG

-Color-coded Foam PE or PE insulation

-Over 85% coverage tinned copper or copper alloy braid shield

-Leas free PVC jacket

-Passes UL VW-1& CSA FT1 vertical flame test

-HDMI Ethernet Channel

-Audio Return Channel

-3D Over HDMI

-4K * 2K Resolution Support

-Expanded Support For Color Spaces

-Micro HDMI Connector

-Automotive Connection System





Transfers data at a speed of up to 10.2GB/s and is suitable for use with V1.4 equipment.

HDMI lead supports - 3D, 1080p, 4Kx2K resolutions. 


Triple Shielding, PVC jacket and an outer Nylon Sheath! - Simply unbeatable, all noise is diminished. The signal is pure and unmarked. The high density braid shielding cuts out most of the interferance.


Gas Injected Dielectric Material - This material is used for isolation, to keep the capacitance low and to maintain the signal strength and impedance across the cable.

Gold plated double moulded connectors – The connectors on this cable are solid brass conductors with 24 carat gold plating. These cables don't have a lacquer protection because they do not need it (the gold will not tarnish). 24 carat gold achieves better conductivity when lacquer is not in use and provides a purer signal transfer.

 OFC – The lead is made using 28AWG 99.99% oxygen free copper which increases the signal quality across the length of the cable. This generates a much purer signal.

 HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) - This lead is compatible with content scrambling used in current equipment, such as TVs.

 Type of Connector used - The connectors used are type A. The ‘Type’ stands for the size of connector used and the amount of pins it has. Type A is the most commonly used connector and is used in Sky HD Boxes, PS3s and most HD ready plasma and LCD televisions.

 Cable strain relief to protect the cable - Enables the HDMI lead to be bent in a multitude of directions without breaking, unlike many poorer quality HDMI leads sold by different companies.

 Function - These cables were designed to transfer high-bandwidth (large data content) of 100% uncompressed digital video and multi channel digital audio and control functions.

 Standards - HDMI ATC compliance-tested

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